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Rhythm Controller

Learning to work with hardware this year was really important to me. So  I made a controller for our game.

The game was made in collaboration with Game designers, developers, and artists. My main focus was to design a physical controller to enhance the experience of our game.


I did not get the controller to work 100%

The buttons worked in the game, the sliders did not work in the game but were responding and giving me usable data. Because of time we did not implement them in the Unity game.

The Game

We chose to design a rhythm game for Tivoli Vredenburg. The front of the building inspired us and we started designing. The idea was that you could play with interactive visuals on the side of the building while listening to the music that played inside.

When you walk by Tivoli you get the option to interact with a big controller. There are 2 controllers that control the left and right side of the building. By smashing the buttons and changing colors and patterns on the rhythm you charge a drop meter in the middle of the screen. If you both complete your drop charge you can hit it and activate an amazing visual!

Programs and hardware used

- Arduino Yun

- 5 buttons

- 2 potmeters

- Domino stones

- 2 trenchers (creative way of getting wood)

By teammates:

- Unity

- Photoshop

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