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The Positive Mirror

This mirror hangs on the wall of someone who needs that little bit of extra self-esteem! 
It recognizes when you look at yourself and tells you something positive. This can be about your looks or about your qualities!

It's a prototype to prove how powerful a smile on your own face can be! The best way to start loving yourself for who you are is by looking at yourself in the mirror and hearing that you are amazing! Eventually, you don't need the mirror to tell you. You then can look and tell yourself how amazing you are!

Research - Persona's

Before I could design my product I needed to decide for whom I was making it. Solving the entire problem of depression was a bit far fetched in my opinion. But helping people during or after such a horrible experience looked like something manageable! I chose to make a persona for a high school girl, a boy in college and an older woman. It's really important to know your target audience so you can make the right choices while designing your product!

Research - States of Depression

I was inspired to make this project because I experienced depression myself. To communicate this really difficult problem I designed this schedule called "States of depression". This was an amazing project to deal with my own feelings and this experience is a huge motivation in my life to help others improve their state of mind!

1.  Unknowingly unhappy
2.  Spiral of negativity
3.  Danger zone
4.  "End depression"
5.  Aware of depression
6.  Self reflection & Positivity
7.  Phase of healing
8.  Family & friends
9.  Serious Depression
10. Zooming in on your problems

Program Used

- Openframeworks (addon opencv)

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